Dooris is a distribution service that offer quick and easy home deliveries for the steadily growing e-commerce. The packages will be delivered together with the morning papers. Dooris delivers your package safely and smoothly with great control over houses and apartments all over Sweden. 

My mission is to craft intuitive product interfaces for both consumer-to-business (C2B) and consumer-to-consumer (C2C) purchase flows, alongside a user-friendly tracking page featuring real-time delivery updates. 
As the sole UX/UI designer, I assumed responsibility for both the interface design and UX copywriting. Additionally, I undertook the challenge of building a design system from the ground up, ensuring consistency and clarity in user interactions. 
Central to success was finding the right voice and tone, ensuring users comprehended and navigated our product effortlessly.
"At Dooris, we're committed to revolutionizing parcel distribution and return processes, ensuring seamless experiences from the comfort of home"
The Process and personal reflections
To structure my process, I adopted The Double Diamond methodology. This approach emphasizes iterating between stages to thoroughly understand the problem and devise effective solutions or enhancements. 
At Dooris, being a startup, the UX design methodology was occasionally debated due to tight deadlines and the need to prioritize research despite short lead times. 
Working in an agile environment meant embracing uncertainty and rapid iterations toward optimal solutions. Collaboration with developers was crucial, and our close-knit team in Stockholm facilitated daily communication and streamlined workflows.
Brand guidelines outtakes
Establishing Foundations and Gathering Insights
During  the initial discovery phase at Dooris, as the sole UX designer and new to the distribution industry, I embarked on comprehensive desk research and benchmarking activities. Given my role as a generalist, I took the lead in developing UX strategies and initiatives across the entire project lifecycle.
Tasks included:
Conducting extensive desk research and benchmarking to gain insights into the distribution industry.
Taking the initiative to drive decision-making processes and UX development.
Providing background information about the company and mapping out the system architecture of the service.
Engaging stakeholders, the Dooris team, and customer service through interviews and workshops to gather valuable insights and align objectives.
The purpose of Dooris is to make shopping easier in a sustainable way

We are building something new. This might confuse the user

 The feeling should be that Dooris is here to guide you through the process seamlessly

The size of the packet is very important since we can’t ship big packets at the moment

The user sometimes find it od to just put a number on the packet and not an adress

Desk research and survey

Understanding the Service Flow: Our service ned to offer a straightforward journey, guiding users from request initiation to confirmation and follow-up details. This clarity fosters user confidence and control.
Customization and Flexibility: Users appreciate tailoring their experience. Options like selecting pickup dates or adjusting tasks and addresses enhance satisfaction and engagement.
Smooth Task Input: Effortlessly inputting task details ensures user convenience and a positive experience, encouraging continued service usage.
Confirmation and Further Information: Swift confirmation and relevant post-booking details reassure users and serve as helpful references for inquiries or follow-up actions, boosting overall satisfaction and trust.
How might we.... 

How might we better help and guide the user to reach their goal?
Provide clear instructions and intuitive prompts to streamline information collection. Offer personalized suggestions to assist decision-making.

How might we make the service flexible and changeable for the user?
Design an interface allowing easy customization of preferences.Enable users to modify requests or settings at any time.

How might we make the user feel safe and confirmed about what’s next in the process?
Offer real-time updates and clear confirmation messages. Ensure robust security measures and transparent communication practices.
First sketches and iterations of C2B purchase flow 

Prototype sketches exploring purchase flow integration with calendar functionality

Prototype exploring purchase flow integration with calendar functionality and a summary

Final design 

High-fidelity prototype for purchase flow

Tracking page for events

Building a design system from scratch 
I led design efforts to create a comprehensive design system from foundation , ensuring consistency and efficiency across all interfaces. 
Implemented a cohesive set of design principles, components, color palette, interactive patterns and guidelines to streamline the development process and enhance user experience. 

Design system and color scheme 

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