UX/UI Design
Amuse is an International digital distribution service and record label for artists. It offers free distribution for artist and was the first who offered this in an app. 
I worked as a senior product designer within the product team.  I designed and maintained a comprehensive design library for the app to ensure consistency in design elements and patterns, enhancing the user experience. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to gather and analyze user feedback, conducting usability testing and interviews. Designed several new features and landing pages.  In this page I will highlight one project I worked with. Release asap feature.
Amuse aims to build the top music distribution channel. Our goal is to understand user needs for a safe and appealing experience with Amuse, confirming assumptions about key features. We'll design these features across platforms to align with user preferences and overall design. Integrating seamlessly into the current flow, our aim is to educate users about the features and ensure a smooth experience.
My mission  is to find out what Amuse users feel, think, do and say. What are they missing and why and how is the experience when releasing music with amuse. To do this I conduct competitive analysis/Bench marks research and collect quantitative and qualitative data     
User interviews

Clustering analysis

Mapping out customer journey

Benchmarks and desk research


We need to be faster sto stay competetive and listen to our users requests

 Several concepts emerged, emphasizing user control in the music release journey, especially in a fast-paced industry. To excel in music distribution, we prioritize improving the release experience. Speed is vital for competitiveness, meeting users' need for rapid releases. Our emphasis on speed aligns with user demand and efficient distribution, ensuring industry relevance and user satisfaction.
Mission is to redesign calendar to fit the option (release as soon as possible and pick a release date) 
Must be clear, consistent and communicative. Develop distinct designs tailored for diverse platforms to ensure optimal user experience.

Iteration  and creating design for all platforms — desktop/IOS/Android

Final Design 
release feature promo

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